What to do with a Newborn?

  1. Feed the newborn
  2. Change the newborn’s diaper
  3. Place your newborn on their belly for “tummy time”
  4. Take your newborn for a walk
  5. Take pictures of your newborn (they change daily)
  6. Take naps with your newborn (in separate beds!!)
  7. Talk, sing, and coo at your newborn

You will discover very quickly that your newborn only wants a few things: food, clean diapers, sleep, and love. Newborns love to be held and bonded with. Newborns love to sleep, so it is a perfect time for you to sleep as well or work on that baby book!! To help get your newborn into a sleep routine make the day bright with blinds open and walks outside. One of the best things about a newborn is that you can be very mobile with them. Put the newborn into a sling and go for a walk, do the laundry, take the newborn to lunch with your friends, find a movie theater that shows “mommy and baby” movies. It is safe to take a baby into the public and it is better for your postpartum hormones to be around other adults!! You will never get this time back when they don’t have opinions about what they want!



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