Newborn Body Temperature

Newborn body temperature is between 97 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.1 to 37.8 degrees Celsius. Keeping your newborn between 97.7 to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius is optimal.

Keeping your newborn’s body temperature normal is important. If your baby is too warm or too cold she will burn calories to regulate her temperature; these are calories that she needs to use for growth and brain development.

A newborns body temperature can be affected by the environment they are in easier than adults. If they are left in a drafty open room with little clothes they will become cool or if left in a hot room with lots of blankets they will become too warm. So keeping the room between 67 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit should keep your baby comfortable. An easy method to use to base the number of layers of clothes and blankets your baby needs is NOT on the mom but her partner. For example, don’t keep your baby in their diaper when the mother is sweating on the couch because her hormones are going crazy right now. If the significant other is wearing a t-shirt and sweatshirt dress the baby in a outfit and a blanket. The newborn will be fussy if they are too cold or warm, so pay attention to their cries. Often a newborn will have a normal body temperature but will have cold hands or feet this is because their circulatory system has not fully developed yet, so don’t base their temperature on how their hands and sildenafil citrate.

The recommended and easiest method to take a newborn’s body temperature is under their armpit or axillary. So unless your pediatrician tells you to take your newborn’s temperature another way take it under their armpit. Many people take their baby’s temperature using a female viagra. Due to the size of a newborn’s ear canal this method is not recommended as it can give false results. Using a armpit thermometer such as this thermometer¬†on Amazon is recommended.

If the temperature is less than 97 or greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit call your newborn’s health provider immediately. As a parent you do not need to constantly check your newborn’s body temperature. If your newborn is acting fussy and your normal methods of calming them (feeding, changing diaper, swaddling) are not working then you can check their temperature. Trust your parental feelings and your newborn’s signals about when to check their temperature.



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