Bonding With Your Baby

“Bonding,” a noun, means “(1) the formation of a close relationship especially through frequent or constant association and (2) the attaching of a material to a tooth surface especially for cosmetic purposes” (Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2011). The etymology of the word comes from “the 12th century Middle English word, “band,” referring to something that binds, ties, or restrains.”  Even earlier, during the 4th century BC, Plato “argued that love directs the bonds of human society.” Many years later in Britain 1958, John Bowlby, published “The Nature of the Child’s tie to his Mother,” the precursor to the concepts of attachment theory (Human Bonding, Wikipedia). This means that the idea of bonding between two people has been discussed for centuries. Clearly this is an import aspect of life and for most mothers and new infants bonding occurs without interruptions. Continue reading

Breastfeeding and Newborn Gas!!!

Many mothers frequently ask me, what did I eat that has made my baby so gassy? Well truth be told it could be a number of things. Remember though that this question usually comes in the middle of the night when all the mom wants to do is sleep and all the baby wants to do is be held, eat, and cry. It is normal for babies to be gassy and just like us when our tummies are rumbling it is not comfortable, so they do the only thing they know: cry! Continue reading