What is Postpartum?

What the heck is postpartum? I have been asked this so many times that if you know the answer then you are ahead of the general public! Postpartum in the first six weeks after delivery, it refers to the mother and baby. Many people when they hear the word postpartum instantly think of postpartum depression. In the past years postpartum depression has been brought to the publics eye, which is a very good thing because it is a serious illness. Not every woman goes through postpartum depression, but every woman that has a baby goes though the postpartum period; it is not optional. Many hospitals refer to postpartum as the mother-baby phase. It is the postpartum period that I find most people are least educated about. The focus has been about getting the baby out and not on what happens after. Continue reading

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I am a registered nurse at a large metropolitan hospital. My specialty is postpartum or mother-baby. I take care of hundreds of new infants and their families each year. I am starting this website to help answer questions about newborns and the postpartum period. My goal is to start an honest blogging community that tells the truth about what to expect after your baby is viagra. There is so much information out there about pregnancy and delivery, but I encounter many women who are surprised what goes on after delivery. I also answer thousands of questions on newborns and their surprises! So please use this website to ask your “silly” questions or get phentermine online.